February reading plans (Library Book Haul #1)

This is my first book haul from the library this year! I’m excited to share with you what I plan to be reading this February. Or at least attempt to read.

One thing my library has that is absolutely amazing is Grab & Go! bags. As you can see below they’re brown paper bags with 6 – 10 books inside, stapled shut with a paper telling you the genre and a list of barcodes on the back. But no peeking! I have an anxiety disorder making it hard to ask for help looking for new books so this really is amazing for me.

I chose Romantic Suspense because it’s almost February. Love is in the air. Though I will be looking for friendship focused books as well. (Not all love is romantic!) I did only get 5 books in my bag – the five to the left – but they’re a good size. It might have been too heavy with more.  I’m wrong! One of the books contains two novels! So I do have 6 books in the bag. The three to the right are ones I chose.


Below the cut is a description of each book based on the blurb on the back or inside flaps, along with my initial thoughts and a link to GoodReads so you can read about it too.

Which one do you think is most interesting?

What are your reads for February?

Have you picked up any new books lately?

Does your library have cool programs like Grab & Go!?

Lets chat.

Please Don’t Tell by Elizabeth Adler  (GoodReads)

I’ve never read an Elizabeth Adler book so this will be a nice introduction. It seems the main character (Fen) will be out running a murder with her new love interest. I may have picked this one up on my own but most likely not, which makes me all the more grateful for the Grab & Go! bag. It’s nice to move out of my comfort zone.

Proof of Innocence by Lisa Jackson (GoodReads)

There are two books in this one: Yesterday’s Lies and Devil’s Gambit. The settings are similar: a ranch and a farm. The conflict, however, is different. In Yesterday’s Lies the main character (Tory) is dealing with her father being in jail and how the guy that got him arrested, the love interest, is hoping to prove his innocence. In Devil’s Gambit the main character (Tiffany) is having troubles with her farm and the love interest, who is described as shady, is willing to help her out. Perhaps the innocence part of the last one has to do with what makes the love interest shady? I know for sure I would not have picked this one up. I’m hoping the first 50 pages of each hooks me better than the blurbs on the back.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Amanda James (GoodReads)

I’m not quite sure about this one. The blurb on the back is very vague. It focuses on a married couple, possibly a family, and it seems there are a lot of secrets going on. It doesn’t grab me and it doesn’t push me away. However the book carries a Choc-Lit logo, which is something new to me. Seems to be a selective publisher and that hooks my interest more than the book does on its own. I may have picked this one up on my own because of the publisher – the logo is eye catching. While they’re unfamiliar to me, their description in the back of the book is intriguing.

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson (GoodReads)

Based on the picture and title the summary threw me for a loop. Looking at it I would have thought of a young adult coming of age story, perhaps something involving a heart illness. Though I knew that couldn’t be true based on the Grab & Go! bag. But it seems to be a romance from the perspective of a male main character (George) who ends up throwing his simply routine life to the side to help an ex-girlfriend with some troubles. And it seems she’s always wrapped up in some sort of trouble. This one is a little more interesting to me, perhaps because of how different the cover seems to be from the blurb. I’m curious as to how the imagery plays in.

Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz (GoodReads)

The first thing I think of when seeing this book is that the author must be really popular because on the cover their name is bigger than the title of the book and the back is just a picture of her. It screams she’s the selling point, she has really made it within her genre. But the blurb is genuinely interesting to me as well. If I went out looking for a romance and picked this one up I think I would have gone home with it. I’m a bit of a sucker for supernatural elements though. The main character (Gwen) sees ghosts and involuntarily gets wrapped up in an investigation because of a non-ghost related connection. Though it’s a part of a series, reading the blurb for the first book on GoodReads it seems they can be read stand-alone. If I like this one I know what I may be reading next.

Horns: love hurts like hell by Joe Hill (GoodReads)

I admit I picked this one up because of the movie. Not to read the book before seeing the movie, but because the premise sounds amazing. And it’s sort of love related, right? So it works for February. So the girlfriend of the main character, Ignatius (Ig), is murdered and he’s the only suspect. Since he’s free on the anniversary of her death I’m assuming he’s never arrested. Then he starts growing horns and develops an ability that will help him find her murderer. How cool is that!? See, I really am a sucker for supernatural elements. I’m really excited about this one.

Silver by Rhiannon Held (GoodReads)

When I read the back at the library it seemed to have some romance themes, which is part of the reason I picked it up for February. It’s about lone werewolf meeting what I assume will be her love interest, Andrew, because she’s in his pack’s territory. But she comes with a warning of danger to the pack and they set off on an adventure. It’s the first in an ongoing series. Clearly the other reason I picked it up is because oooh werewolves.

The Troop by Nick Cutter (GoodReads)

This one I picked up because it’s more my usual rhythm: horror about something bioengineered. I’ve missed this so much and with February being a love month, I thought I’d show myself some self-love. On the back it’s described as “part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later.” Seeing that sucked me right into the blurb. It’s about a troop of boys going into Canadian wilderness and being confronted one night by an intruder – someone who is very sick. It’s a struggle for survival. With most of the characters being kids! I’m so excited to read this that I don’t have the words to describe it.





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