Monday Missions (#2)

My focus is a bit better this week so I’m hoping to actually complete my reading goals this week.

I only just started The Emancipation of B by Jennifer Kavanagh, which is a bit slow at the moment. I’m about 30% done and hope the plot becomes clearer before I’m halfway done. It’s rather short (under 150 pages) so I’ll probably finish it in the next day or two depending on other obligations. It’s my first ARC. I didn’t request it, I didn’t think I would get to the point where that made sense for me to make any requests until at least next year, but it is much appreciated. So far the writing style is refreshingly different from what I’ve been reading this month and I think it’s helping with my lack of reading focus.

After that I really want to power through two or even three more novels. Preferably the last two suspense romance novels from this months Grab & Go! bag: Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz and The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson. As well as Silver by Rhiannon Held, though if I feel up to a longer read I may go for The Troop by Nick Cutter (I have a first impressions post of all these books here). Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy is quite long (over 700 pages) so I may end up saving that for next month (thanks to Leah for suggesting it, it looks like a lovely read).

Honestly I expect The Girl with a Clock for a Heart to be a rather slow read for me because of the amount of mystery elements that are suggesting in the synopsis. So far those haven’t been all too exciting for me this month. I think Dream Eyes will flow a lot quicker for me because I know I enjoy paranormal elements. I may try reading them both at the same time to see if that helps me get through them quicker – putting one down when my interest veers away and picking the other up (I’ll have to take notes so I can review them properly). But that’s only if they provoke the amount of interest in their stories as the rest of my Grab & Go! bag books have done. Suspense romance just doesn’t seem to be my genre.

If there are suspense romance novels you’d recommend, or just romance novels, please let me know. I’d like to get a better feel for this genre. It’s likely that I just ended up with ones that don’t suit my interests. (I’m more of a horror, paranormal, high fantasy, dystopian, and psychological thriller sort of reader.)


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