Then There was Thursday (#2)

This one is a tad late. Sorry about that. Thursday really is my oddly busy day and I didn’t pre-write this like I planned to this week.

So I’ve caught up on The Walking Dead, watched Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time, and worked on my secret knitting project. I also quit the math class I decided to take. I was taking it to upgrade my mark, but more so I could better understand the content. My life has been pretty stressful with my anxiety fluctuating the way it is and I have other things I really need to focus on at the moment. I’m trying to prioritize better so I don’t totally burn myself out.

One thing I did decide to do was get back into shaving. I’m pretty laid back about body hair and even with the mop on my head I’ve tried no ‘poo and have recently gone conditioner only. But with summer coming I figure losing some of my fuzz would be nice.

But have you seen the price of razors? That is quite the continuous cost. This is coming from a person who prefers waxing, which does cost more, but feels great for so much longer.

The razor I picked out had something interesting with it though. It labeled itself as a “great razor for new shavers” and had a little card answering common questions.










I think I’ll be looking for a safety razor though. Amazon here I come.

In other news, I got my birthday gift from my mom early! It was a beautiful card, thigh high batman socks WITH CAPES!, and a Gordon Ramsey Home Cooking book. It was great to open and I’m really excited to try some new recipes.

Speaking of food, I did recently try a new smoothie. I haven’t really measured anything, but I’ve just thrown in some things I picked up. A couple large table spoons of vanilla greek yogurt, a dash of vanilla flavoring, a cup or so of milk, and two or three large handfuls of a frozen fruit mix (peaches, strawberries, and blueberries). I’m quite pleased with it though I think it’s missing something.


Are any of you into alternative hair washing? No ‘poo, conditioner only, water only? And do you have any favorite tv shows you’d recommend for marathoning? I’m always up for something new.


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