Monday Missions (#3)

Hello March! So yesterday was my birthday. I’m now the ripe old age of 22. I know, I’m just starting my life, but let me bask in how old I feel for a bit. I’m not much of a birthday celebrator. More because I’m not really sure what to do than anything else. I try to just take a day off and have a guilt free mini staycation of some nature. Not much in the way of gifts usually happens. This year I did get a cook book, which is the extent of my birthday book acquisitions. Which I’m pleased about. I have so many I still haven’t read ready to jump from their boxes at me. /end mini interlude on my usual Monday Missions.

So last week I finally made it through The Emancipation of B (you can read the short review here). My reading motivation wasn’t as high as I had hoped. However, today alone I’ve powered through 90 pages of Silver by Rhiannon Held and had to put the next two in the series on hold at the library. It’s not even noon. So I have high hopes this week. Not only has Silver been great so far, my focus has been good.

To help me get through the rest of my suspense romance novels from February I’ll treat myself with another of Silver series books. Right now my plan is The Girl with the Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson, Tarnished (Silver #2) by Rhiannon Held, then Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz. I would be surprised if I go through all those this week because of my recent reading history. But if I do I’ll head onto Reflected (Silver #3) by Rhiannon Held.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the same book titles so many weeks in a row. With February’s genre exploration eating into March I’ve been thinking I may focus on books I already own for the rest of this month. I’ve been told I should finally read The Hobbit that has been lurking in one of my book boxes. Should I try to focus on the fantasy books I own or some other genre? Maybe just pick up whatever book looks most interesting to me? What do you think?


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