Review System

I review with a standard 5 star system.

1 star is poor. I did not enjoy the book nor would I recommend it. I likely did not finish it or finished many books while trying to trudge my way through it.

2 stars is alright. I wouldn’t recommend it because there are too many flaws but I probably didn’t have too much trouble finishing it.

3 stars is good. I would only recommend it to a few people. I may have issues with the writing style or some of the content, but the plot itself is decent and the character development is reasonable.

4 stars is great. I would recommend it to most people, though I probably wouldn’t re-read it myself. Character development and/or the plot was enjoyable and the content has many redeeming features.

5 stars is excellent. I will be keeping the book if I own it and re-reading it at some point. I would recommend it to nearly everyone and may already have fanfiction spawning in my head though I don’t write.


Short reviews are reviews where I don’t have much to say. I label “reviews” of books I don’t finish as short reviews because I just detail why I couldn’t get through it.

In-Depth reviews are reviews where I feel I have more than one thing to comment on. I try to touch on character development, plot, and features that stand out to me.


Some grading may be slightly arbitrary, I’m an independent reviewer and prone to following whims, but I will comment on my reasoning.


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