Then There was Thursday (#3)

Other than reading this week I’ve been playing around with some spare cotton. I recently learned how to knit a mitered corner and started learning to crochet So I’ve made a dish cloth with a pretty edge. It’s far from great and I haven’t blocked it yet, but it’s the general idea of what I want to play with. And hey, even if they look funny I can still wash dishes with them!



I also had the opportunity to try David’s Tea’s Lime Gelato as a latte with a bit of honey. Wow. It is fabulous. I had to get a tin full of it and the smell teases me every time I’m near it. I know it’ll be my favorite tea this month. The green is a coincidence. Really. If you do get a chance to try it, I recommend it as a hot latte since that’s what I tried. If it’s warm enough where you are, please let me know what it tastes like as a cold latte. Hopefully I’ll be picking one up this weekend and we gush about wonderful it is together.

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