Then There was Thursday (#2)

This one is a tad late. Sorry about that. Thursday really is my oddly busy day and I didn’t pre-write this like I planned to this week.

So I’ve caught up on The Walking Dead, watched Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time, and worked on my secret knitting project. I also quit the math class I decided to take. I was taking it to upgrade my mark, but more so I could better understand the content. My life has been pretty stressful with my anxiety fluctuating the way it is and I have other things I really need to focus on at the moment. I’m trying to prioritize better so I don’t totally burn myself out.

One thing I did decide to do was get back into shaving. I’m pretty laid back about body hair and even with the mop on my head I’ve tried no ‘poo and have recently gone conditioner only. But with summer coming I figure losing some of my fuzz would be nice.

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Then There was Thursday (#1)

I suppose you could call this a meme. I figured with Thursday being a terrible day for me posting anything, it would be a good time to post something about my life. You get to know me beyond books and maybe I get to know you.

This week I’ve actually been having a pretty rough time with my anxiety. I have been agoraphobic in the past and those issues are cropping up a lot more with my social anxiety getting worse. So instead of reading like I planned to, something that requires focus that my anxiety saps from me, I’ve been knitting a baby blanket for the future niblet while catching up on Teen Wolf and now The Walking Dead.


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