Monday Missions (#3)

Hello March! So yesterday was my birthday. I’m now the ripe old age of 22. I know, I’m just starting my life, but let me bask in how old I feel for a bit. I’m not much of a birthday celebrator. More because I’m not really sure what to do than anything else. I try to just take a day off and have a guilt free mini staycation of some nature. Not much in the way of gifts usually happens. This year I did get a cook book, which is the extent of my birthday book acquisitions. Which I’m pleased about. I have so many I still haven’t read ready to jump from their boxes at me. /end mini interlude on my usual Monday Missions.

So last week I finally made it through The Emancipation of B (you can read the short review here). My reading motivation wasn’t as high as I had hoped. However, today alone I’ve powered through 90 pages of Silver by Rhiannon Held and had to put the next two in the series on hold at the library. It’s not even noon. So I have high hopes this week. Not only has Silver been great so far, my focus has been good.

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Monday Missions (#1)

This is my first Monday Missions. It’s a weekly meme meant to show what I hope to read this week. Since weekends aren’t always my prime reading time Friday Reads doesn’t work well for me. I was introduced to the meme by watching one of my favorite booktubers: Becky (InkyLeaves). It seems to have originated with Daisy (A Thousand Lives of Daisy).

I started Story of O a few days ago. I haven’t made progress past 25% for a couple reasons, none of which have to do with the book itself. I have a niblet (niece or nephew) on the way so I’ve started a baby blanket amongst other baby knitting projects. I have also been catching up on Teen Wolf while I knit. I got a little wrapped up with the end of season 3 and got a fair bit of the blanket done. So I look forward to finishing Story of O either today or tomorrow.


I also have some exciting news. I have my first ever ARC to review: Emancipation of B by Jennifer Kavanagh. It comes out February 27th and I’m planning to start and finish the book this week. You can find out more about it on Jennifer Kavanagh’s site and on amazon. Or just look forward to me chattering on about it in my tweets. I’ve already taken a look at the first 20 or so pages. It doesn’t seem to be a dialogue driven book, but rather a series of flash backs. What I already know of B – whose name we don’t know – has me really interested in his backstory.

B is not a child of his time.  As an outsider, he hides his secrets well. Freedom is all he dreams of. But when it comes at last, it is in the most unexpected way – and at a considerable cost.

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February reading plans (Library Book Haul #1)

This is my first book haul from the library this year! I’m excited to share with you what I plan to be reading this February. Or at least attempt to read.

One thing my library has that is absolutely amazing is Grab & Go! bags. As you can see below they’re brown paper bags with 6 – 10 books inside, stapled shut with a paper telling you the genre and a list of barcodes on the back. But no peeking! I have an anxiety disorder making it hard to ask for help looking for new books so this really is amazing for me.

I chose Romantic Suspense because it’s almost February. Love is in the air. Though I will be looking for friendship focused books as well. (Not all love is romantic!) I did only get 5 books in my bag – the five to the left – but they’re a good size. It might have been too heavy with more.  I’m wrong! One of the books contains two novels! So I do have 6 books in the bag. The three to the right are ones I chose.


Below the cut is a description of each book based on the blurb on the back or inside flaps, along with my initial thoughts and a link to GoodReads so you can read about it too.

Which one do you think is most interesting?

What are your reads for February?

Have you picked up any new books lately?

Does your library have cool programs like Grab & Go!?

Lets chat.

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